The author has been teaching others to connect with nature intelligences in a relatively undisturbed rural or forested setting through Deva Communion workshops since 2001. She holds a BA in Speech Communication with a Physics minor, and is currently practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland, Oregon.

She also teaches classes on communication with garden plants and insects, for both adults and children. She can be reached through the contact form below.

Some history:

She read books about the Findhorn garden in 1977, as well as J. Allen Boone’s Kinship With All Life. At her shared plot at the Colonel Summers Park community garden, she started talking with plants and insects and they all talked back. She assumed the purpose of the books was to encourage people to talk to their gardens. Her garden partner argued that for other people, it wasn’t easy to just read a book and follow its advice. She thought the author should teach others.

The author was stubborn. In November of 2000 devas appeared in a dream as angelic beings of light and again on the mountainside above her home in Grants Pass, Oregon and insisted that she take people into nature and teach them to communicate with them. The author protested, and said, “You must have the wrong person. I don’t teach workshops, there must surely be others more qualified to teach this.”

They said, “Prove it.”

The author read through the libraries, bought books by the dozen, read them all to prove that others could more easily teach what they were asking of her. She couldn’t find anyone who was writing about the barriers we have in our culture to interspecies communication and how to overcome them. The devas finally said, “Are you going to be like Jonah? Do we have to feed you to the whales or what?” She finally started writing up the bibliography of some of the books she had read, and in 2001 started teaching Deva Communion workshops and Garden Communication classes to adults, children and elders. She was nicknamed “The Plant Whisperer.”

The devas in 2000, when they were first encouraging her, told her she would meet and talk to Dorothy Maclean. That seemed quite unlikely, as the author assumed Dorothy was still in Eastern Canada. Who would have known that Dorothy was in Washington State and the author would meet and visit with her there, and bring her to Portland for a workshop? Dorothy confirmed that she believed that people needed dozens of years of spiritual discipline and training as she and the Caddy’s had when they  founded Findhorn. After conversations with the author, Dorothy changed how she taught.

Now it’s 2013. Call or write if you want to learn about these things from “The Plant Whisperer.”



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