Using Nature to Heal

Nature is talking. Are we listening? Or are we hurting, from the burdens of toxic pollution, oceans of plastic, and haphazard climate change? How much more do we need to hurt, before we recognize our oneness with each other, with nature, and with the planet? Let’s learn to turn it around not only by environmental and political activism–also by embracing compassionate loving Presence.

How do we activate the loving presence that we know as our spiritual core?

Are you hungry to learn a compassionate communication with nature, and with the spirits of nature? And with our bodies that are part of Nature? “There is no time not to love.” (Charlie Murphy and Jamie Sieber)

Is now the time to harness our capacity to love to change ourselves and our planet?

The world has changed since I first taught Deva Communion in the year 2001. Hundreds, even thousands of people now talk to trees. And the trees talk back. Not only trees, all of nature is more open and supportive of humans learning to communicate with them.

Now is the time. The Earth has called us to be of service. And is offering to support us in learning to communicate with her.


Trees are some of the most amazing healers, compassionate and kind, wise, comforting. Or withdrawn. What makes the difference? Trees like all plants are intelligent and sensitive to human thought and emotions (see Plant Intelligence, and Nature Communication Healing). And some trees respond to human unkindness, or displays of anger by withdrawing. You can tell. Those are the trees that don’t want to talk with you.

But most of them are astonishing in their generosity of spirit. It may take some time to get to know an individual tree. And there are certain steps to follow.

Published by Integration Massage

Your body knows how to heal. I tune into your body’s innate wisdom to communicate with muscles, joints, and other tissues. I teach you to breathe love, compassion, and gratitude to activate that intelligence for better health. I also teach classes and workshops to communicate with nature, and to use your body to know when nature is communicating back. The Devas (Sanskrit for “shining ones”) are waiting, so that you, too, can become your own Body Whisperer!

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