How to love a Spicy Spider, 4 tips

To love a spider? Really?

Can you welcome a house spider? Some people have fear of these tiny creatures. Some people have been bitten and keep their distance. However, some people have absorbed Hollywood drama that distorts their innocence. Thankfully, more people have grown to appreciate them.

I teach nature communication to help humans expand in the joy of the natural world. And to increase love.

If you have difficulty loving these small creatures on the planet that we co-inhabit, here are some tips:

Tip #1
To love a spider requires, first of all, to overcome the fear you may have learned or adopted. 

Tip #2
Secondly, it requires patient observation to notice that in itself, the spider is not threatening. It is just fulfilling it’s purpose: weave webs, catch insects, mate and reproduce. Their job is not to scare human children into shivering blobs under the blankets.

Tip #3
It helps to start with the curiosity of a child. Spiders are curious and amazing creatures with intrinsic worth in their own right. Try a little curiosity!

Curiosity of a child

Tip #4
Get over being self-conscious about loving the little critters. In fact, it’s a growing trend. 

We are not alone, take 1

People who study insects are called entomologists. They can share their great appreciation for these little beings (see Entomology, Wikipedia, or Smithsonian Mag). These specialists aren’t the only ones, however. You, too, can become fascinated by nature, including insects.

I wrote long ago about the intrinsic worth of insects, and how to communicate with them in our gardens. Humanity is heading in the direction of more love, to encompass more beings and to break down human-centered barriers. It’s a tall job, and, thankfully, a growing one.

Along this path, I have found many fellow travelers. Still,I am always looking for more. I came across a FB group, Global Spiritual/Scientific Teachers Fan Group. They had a discussion about spiders. I loved their range of views. So I thought I would offer them my adventures with Spicy Spider.


Spider Adventure Story

Intro: It was getting cold at one end of the living room. I finally realized the cold air was coming in through a window gap, a deficiency of the baffle from the air conditioning unit.

Where I saw a gap, Spicy Spider spotted an opportunity. S/he quickly took advantage of it.

I slowly gathered my energies to sew homemade stock stuffing for the gap. US wasted no time. S/he built multiple webs, all over the windowsill. S/he trapped insects. Cleaned the air. And grew fat. However, the windowsill was a bit of a mess. What more could you want from an adorable pet?

Just one thing: I wanted to fill the cold air gap. So I notified her/him that they needed to choose where to relocate. I thought that was courteous enough. They seemed to disappear, for a while. Here’s what followed:

Tonight’s dialogue

  • Me: Oh you’re back! I thought you had taken up residence elsewhere?
  • Spicy: Well you only got halfway done with your crack stuffing. You didn’t finish the job, so I figured I may as well come back.
  • Me: Did you want to stay inside or go out?
  • Spicy: You’re the one that has to make up your mind. Are you going to finish stuffing this crack or not?
  • Me: Sigh! I’ll have to sew some more stuffers. In the meantime, there’s a FB discussion about spiders. Could I take your picture?
  • US: No way! I’m running off: I don’t want to be your photo op.

US didn’t run very far, and decided to pose after all. Here’s a picture of my new friend: .

Spicy Spider at home in windowsill

We are not alone, take 2

I’m not an entomologist. So I posted the following on NextDoor:

“Anyone recognize this fun-loving Spicy Spider? He/she has made a home on my window sill, catching all manner of flying insects.
He/she keeps the air clean and makes a local mess. What a delightful pet! Do you recognize him/her?”

ET: S/he might be a Parasteatoda tepidariorum, more commonly known as the common house spider. Thank you for giving your little pet a safe home. We named ours Leslie.

KH: I’d say she, because the butt is big. Very lovely.

JR:  Oh Rosi you and I speak the same language. My late husband and I used to have a “pet spider” just like this one and stayed on our window. It was fun watching him/her while eating our meals I thought we were the only ones. Glad u r here. Name him. JR

RG: JR, I named him/her Spicy Spider, because he/she runs away and hides when I open the drapes or close them. And then when I talk sweetly he/she comes back out as if to say, “Oh, OK I guess you didn’t mean any harm.” It’s pretty funny….I don’t often post publicly about conversations with spiders, but I do have a fondness for this one.

RL: So glad to hear from a neighbor who would rather let a spider be a “pet” than kill it. I always welcome the occasional indoor spider as a guest.

HD:  Wow! One of the few inspiring, thought provoking, educational and downright sweet chains I’ve read in awhile! Simply loved reading this!!!

PP: So happy to hear from another human being whose first reaction when they see a spider is NOT to smash it. For every creature under heaven, there is a purpose that deserves our respect.

….And 30 more comments, most of them encouraging.

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Your body knows how to heal. I tune into your body’s innate wisdom to communicate with muscles, joints, and other tissues. I teach you to breathe love, compassion, and gratitude to activate that intelligence for better health. I also teach classes and workshops to communicate with nature, and to use your body to know when nature is communicating back. The Devas (Sanskrit for “shining ones”) are waiting, so that you, too, can become your own Body Whisperer!

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