“Plant Whisperer”

Rosi has been teaching others to connect with nature intelligences through Deva Communion workshops since 2001. She recognizes that all of nature is alive. All is intelligent. All is divine. And we can hear what nature has to teach us, and how nature can heal us, when we listen with our hearts.

This is not as hard as it sounds. She holds a BA in Speech Communication with a Physics minor, and uses well-known communication principles to extend our awareness beyond our bodies. She teaches garden communication classes to children. Children learn this easily and adults sometimes need re-learning.


2 thoughts on ““Plant Whisperer”

  1. Dear ROSI
    MY NAME IS YAEL FROM IS iISrael, ladt night i saw devas emerald green devas in my bedroom, and i did not now what it it, and after i was looking in google i arrvied to youz do you have facebook? My name yael sverdloff
    I will be glad to have more information , what it is deva, how to be open to the gift, and more, and to have session with you.
    Where r you in world? We can do skype. Zoom whats up
    Light and love


    1. Hi, Yael, so wonderful to hear from you! And I love your experience! Yes, I do private sessions. My online scheduling system adapts to different time zones, so it will show my calendar of availability in your local time.

      And I am also on Facebook. We can do sessions by Skype, Zoom doxy.me, or WhatsApp or another platform if that works better for you.


      Your time zone is GMT+3:00, correct? If the openings on the schedule are not convenient for you, let me know and we can work something out.


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