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About Rosi:

About Rosi and Nature Communication can be found here. Some early stories can be found here about plant and insect whispering, and how I was called to teach by the angels and devas of nature here. My day job, as a Massage Therapist specializing in Parkinsons, Ortho-Bionomy®, pain and chronic injuries and Mindful Body Awareness to heal from trauma can be found at Integration Massage.

Research and Science

Here is one post on plant intelligence research. Still to come are pages with links about research on tree and interspecies communication, Human Biofield science research, and IONS research. I’ve posted a link on Tree Communication from a National Geographic documentary. Tree communication is now so widely accepted, that there is even a BBC documentary and a children’s book series on it.

IONS, Institute of Noetic Sciences

I will list related organizations to IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. I intend to write more about the IONS Conference, but have been too busy applying what I learned! Heal the Earth, Unite Our Individual Gifts and New Consciousness Paradigm have some examples of how the July, 2019 IONS Conference moved meAnd set me on fire to share my gifts and encourage you to do the same–for the uplift of humanity and the healing of the Earth. We can only do it together!

IONS brings science and spirituality, holistic environmental and ecologic views together with human values of love and compassion. It bridges ordinary with nondual consciousness, to wake up humanity. I have learned from them that every small act, done with reverence, or focused intention for good, can have ripple effects that grows the benefit for all of us.

This mirrors what I have learned from Nature, how our consciousness interacts with, and is affected by the intelligences of all beings, from the tiny to the grand. We are not separate from Nature. In fact we are intertwined and dependent. This awareness may bring us to discover our Oneness with All That Is.

More Books and Resources

Here your will find resources, recommended books and book reviews, mostly from an older annotated bibliography. I will attempt to update, and I invite you to post any relevant books, videos, or other resources that I have missed., in comments below. Especially on any of the subheadings/collections.

These are the resources I have organized so far into collections:

Books on Trees

Findhorn, Dorothy Maclean, Devas

Angels, Devas, Nature Spirits

Humans in Relationship to Nature

Plants, Gardens: Nature Partnership

Animal Communication

And these are the ones that I still intend to organize:

Science of Plant Communication

Science of Consciousness

Nature’s Intelligence

Devas and Nature Spirits

Perelandra, Flower Essences

IONS, Noetic Sciences

Indigenous Wisdom



Spiritual Practices

Influence of IONS

I learned from the 2019 IONS Conference that we each have gifts we need to share, so that collectively we can unite our hearts and minds to help heal our planet.

You can find classes where I offer teachings in any of this under Classes. Although some might be more current here:

Portland Nature Communication Meetup Group

Portland, OR
100 Members

Communicate with Nature, know when it is responding. Our purpose is to quiet the mind, see, feel and hear with the heart, heal ourselves so we can be of service.Would you lik…

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or here:

Los Angeles Nature Communication Meetup

Los Angeles, CA
117 Members

Goals: to attune to and communicate with Nature, and know when Nature is responding. These events will combine science, spirituality, healing and awakening practices in co-cre…

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