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This listing of books is taken from the blog, Books on Nature Communication. The numbering system is from that page. Some authors have written more recent books, and this page may need to be updated. I invite you to contribute other books you have found useful.

10. Boone,  J Allen. (1954). Kinship With All Life. San Francisco: Harper-Collins.
This is an amazing book that has become the foundation for the rapidly growing field of Animal Communication. I have taught from it for many of my classes.

A man close to the motion picture industry becomes a dog-sitter for a star named Strongheart. Strongheart teaches human-dog communication by his insistent demands for the recognition of his obvious intelligence, playfulness, and wisdom. Their bond becomes the source of the man’s spiritual unfoldment, helping him overcome the human superiority complex that typically interferes with our communion with animals and all life. He extends the lessons to appreciating, respecting, and honoring the intelligence in worms, snakes, horses, camels, micro-organisms, and Freddie the Fly. The teachings in this book would be a sound foundation for anyone interested in gardening and developing communication with all life. And appreciating the wisdom of animals.

Rosi and the Rattlesnake 2019 Update

I had an encounter with a diamond back rattlesnake in the Angeles National Forest July 21, 2019, when I was looking for potential workshop sites. He was large, about 5 feet long, coming across the road. Lenna, who was driving the car, veered and braked to avoid hitting him.

I asked her to park in the road to protect him from other rapidly moving traffic. However, I could see he was still in danger. I got out of the car to be near him, as I knew I was taller and more visible to drivers. He made his way across a dirt parking lot. I was filled with awe and asked permission to photograph and film him at close range. He was exquisitely beautiful. I felt a heightened sense of connection and alertness to his every move, immersed in profound love and admiration for him. Fear never entered my mind, as my concern was only to ensure his safety. If anything, I felt as if I was in the presents of a Being beyond form.

At the end, he told me to turn off the camera. His message was that he represented the Deva of Rattlesnakes. They would guarantee the safety of everyone in my workshops in Southern CA, since I was unfamiliar with snakes, ticks, and other potential hazards. The love and sense of protection would be returned in kind.

I had to go home and reread this book, and found it had two chapters on rattlesnakes, not just one. I seemed to have absorbed the lessons from Kinship with All Life, and am now living them. Very grateful, and humbled.

2019-07-21 19.36.01rattlesnake in focus on gravel parking lot
Diamond back rattlesnake, and guardian spirit

The following books on the field of Animal Communication may also be of interest. Many are based on Kinship with All Life. The reviews, where provided, with ** before and ** after, are taken off the internet. Again, this listing is out of date. I invite you to suggest other books that need to be added to this list.

89. Penelope Smith. Animal Talk; Interspecies Telepathic Communication Beyond Words Publishing (1999)
Penelope Smith has written dozens of books and produced audio tapes. She is the pioneer Animal Communcator, with a website networking thousands of Animal Communicators across the U.S. Amazing, compassionate and insightful writings.

90. Penelope Smith. Animals: Our Return to Wholeness Pegasus Publications, Point Reyes,CA (1993

91. Sonya Fitzpatrick, with Patricia Burkhart Smith. What the Animals Tell Me: Understanding your Pets Complex Emotions. Hyperion (1997)
Sonya Fitzpatrick is another long-time animal communicator, and shares her insights on their thoughts, feelings, and needs. You can follow her instructions to look at things from your pet’s point of view.
**Compelled by her deep compassion for animals, an author uses her gift of understanding them to help readers make a similar connection with their pets, which in turn will enable them to make their pets happier and solve behavior problems..** (from the publisher)

92. Ted Andrews. Animal-Speak. Llewellyn Press, 1996.
From Wikipedia: Ted Andrews (July 16, 1952 – October 24, 2009) was an American author, mystic and clairvoyant teacher of shamanic practices. He wrote over 40 books which have been translated into more than two dozen foreign languages. He has been featured on many national and local TV and radio programs. His book on animals as spirit guides and symbols, Animal Speak, sold almost 500,000 copies from 1993 to 2009.

93. Susan Chernak McElroy. Animals as Teachers & Healers: True Stories and Reflections. Forward by Michael W. Fox. New Sage Press, Troutdale, OR (1996)
The love of the animals in her life gave her the strength to triumph over cancer. She shares powerful, deep, loving stories from many cultures.
**”Susan McElroy has compiled a unique and moving testimony of the gifts that animals have bestowed on their human companions, some life-saving, others life-sustaining and truly miraculous.”**

94. Arthur Myers. Communicating with Animals: The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals Contemporary Books, Chicago (1997)
**”Most people have told their dog to “sit” or heard the insistent meows of a cat at dinnertime, but thousands are discovering that they can actually carry on meaningful, nonverbal conversations with animals. In Communicating with Animals, veteran reporter Arthur Myers explores the phenomenon of human-animal communication in hundreds of case studies. ” **

95. Jo Coudert. Seven Cats and the Art of Living. Warner Books (November 1, 1998)
**Jo Coudert uses her 7 cats and 1 dog as the basis to draw some apposite conclusions about human behaviour after spending a lot of time observing the way they conduct themselves.**

96. Janine Adams. You Can Talk to Your Animals: Animal Communicators Tell You How. Howell Book House, IDG Books, Foster City, CA (2000)

97. Patty Summers. Talking With The Animals Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, VA (1998)

98. Judy Meyer. The Animal Connection: A Guide to Intuitive Communication with Your Pet.  Penguin Books, New York (2000)

99. Michael Tobias and Kate Solisti-Mattelon. Kinship With the Animals. Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., Hillsboro, OR (1998)

100. Dr. Monica Diedrich. What Your Animals Tell Me. Two Paws Up Press, Monica, CA (2002)

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